TagMaster is a leading producer of advanced RFID solutions for long-range identification.

TagMaster designs and markets advanced long-range radio frequency identification (RFID) systems and information services associated with automatic Vehicle Identification and Railbound Transportations.

TagMaster is a Swedish technology company founded in 1994 with headquarters in Kista (Stockholm), Sweden. TagMaster exports primarily to Europe, Asia and North America via its global network of partners, systems integrators and distributors. TagMaster shares are traded on First North in Stockholm, Sweden.

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In July 2015 TagMaster acquired CitySync Ltd. A leading company in LPR/ANPR technology and they have been in the business since 1997. The products are sold primarily in England, The Middle East, Western Europe and in the USA. CitySync are known for having one of the market’s best (fastest and most accurate) algorithms for reading of number plates and their products are used within traffic, toll roads, parking and for security solutions. 

For more info check website: www.citysync.co.uk



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